The Elusive Princess Tiana

I’ve always loved Pez dispensers, but the candy is kind of nasty.  I have a few dispensers packed away in a box somewhere in hopes to one day have a collection worth displaying.

When Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” debuted in 2009, I was ecstatic to find out that there was a Pez dispenser with Princess Tiana on it.  Even as an adult, it was hugely impactful to me to have an African-American Disney Princess.  I went on the hunt for it, but could find it nowhere.  I turned to the internet and found that others were having a similarly difficult time finding her.  I almost bought one on eBay for $10, but my better judgement kicked in and I let it go.

Today, I was out shopping for candy for the special Halloween bags for the kids next door, and thought that putting in a cute Pez dispenser in each bag would be a fun thing that they wouldn’t get anywhere else.  The bin that held the dispensers was on the bottom shelf.  Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” was the first one I saw.  I grabbed it for the little girl.  That’s when I noticed that the whole bin seemed to be filled with princess.  I bent down to dig through to find one that was suitable for a little boy.  While sifting through the pile, there she was; Princess Tiana.  I couldn’t believe it.  I did a little happy dance and then sat down on the floor to continue to dig through the bin.  I had to find another one to send to my friend.  I know I must’ve looked crazy but I didn’t care.  I was determined.  I was more than halfway through all of the dispensers when I found another Tiana.  Since I had gotten that far, I looked through what was remaining to see if there happened to be another.  There wasn’t.

On my way home, I replayed the moment I found her in my head a few times.  While sitting at a stop light I chuckled as I was reminded that you tend to find what you’re looking for once you stop looking.


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