Happy Dance Fridays: Beetlebugs

I have always loved Volkswagen Beetles. There is something about that shape and smiling grill that always makes me do an internal happy dance.


Photo credit: vwtrendsweb.com

The red convertible ones are my favorite. They evoke a sense of fun and freedom. They harken back to a time when love flowed freely and peace was not only the cool way to say goodbye, but was also the goal of the day.

For a long time, it was my goal to own a Beetlebug, as I call them, so a few years ago, when it came time to buy a new-to-me car (I refuse to buy brand new), I decided it was time to live the dream.

As much as I love the red ones, I thought red would be too flashy for me. Plus, I tend to speed a bit, and I’ve read that red cars draw the attention of the police.

No red Beetlebug.

As much I love the convertibles, I knew having one wouldn’t work for me. Since I can’t be out in the sun, I would never let the top down. Plus, I was worried about having a soft top car in the rain or snow.

No convertible Beetlebug.

I decided upon a 2004 silver, low mileage Bug.


I love driving my car. It always makes my day to pass a fellow Beetle driver who honks their horn or flashes me a peace sign and a smile.

The car has never given me any real problems.

Happy dance!

Earlier this year, I finally finished paying for my Bug.


Even though the car is paid off, the car is still running without a problem (Knock on wood.)


Why are you doing your happy dance today?

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