Yesterday, I had surgery. Today, I feel like a donkey kicked me in my stomach.

In the days leading up to the surgery, my Dad started to freak out a bit. Sometimes fear can sound like anger when communicated in an email. He was worried about the effects the anesthesia might have on my adrenal gland since I had been on prednisone for such a long time. I had talked to all my doctors about it and had no concerns, but that didn’t calm his nerves at all.

He and my stepmom left their home in the middle of the night and got here about six hour before surgery.

Dad was worried but I was pretty calm about the whole thing. I had completely underestimated how I might feel afterwards, thinking that I might be back to work the next day. This was just another thing I had to deal with as far as I was concerned.

The surgery went well and the whole thing was relatively uneventful. Today, before my Dad left to go back home, he took me out to get something to eat. He asked me where I wanted to go and I told him that I really didn’t care. He responded with “One of the perks of coming out of anesthesia is getting to pick where we eat. That’s one for ‘Thank You Daily’. You should write one called ‘Perks’.”

One of the perks of being me is knowing that whatever decision I make, I know my Dad will always be there to support me. Thanks, Dad.

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