Jack Called

I was quite happy when I woke up and realized that Matilda let me sleep until after 8:00.  I really needed the uninterrupted sleep, especially since she woke me up around 12:30 to go outside in the rain.

I finally started moving around 8:30.  As I was putting on my coat to go for my morning walk, my phone rang.  Based on the picture that popped up, I thought it was my sister.  Then I heard, “Hi! Greldu joorup shhhhlop?”  It was my nephew, Jack. We exchanged pleasantries, he in his 18 month old language, and mine in the sing-songy tone that we all use with little people.  Then my sister realized what was going on and grabbed the phone.  “I’m so sorry!  Jack, you can’t be…I’m so sorry.”  I tried to assure her that it was quite alright that he called me, but I guess she thought that maybe he had disturbed me in some way.  She apologized one more time and hung up while fussing at Jack.

Now, some of you might think that Jack called me accidentally because he is so young.  Nope.  Jack called me purposefully.  My mom has told me how he scrolls through the phone until he finds the picture of someone he wants to talk to and then presses the telephone icon because he’s figured out that’s how you make the phone ring.  That’s how I know that Jack wanted to talk to his aunt this morning.

I’ve been grinning all morning.


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