Radioactive Eggs

I’ve been having trouble with my stomach for the past couple months.  Yesterday, I went to the hospital to have a final test done to see if they can determine what the problem is.  It was called…well, the layman’s term for it was a stomach emptying test.  I had to eat a scrambled egg that had been laced with some radioactive stuff, two pieces of toast and I had to drink a cup of water.  Then they took a picture of my stomach every hour to determine how long it takes for food to move through my stomach.  There was just one hitch.  I HATE EGGS.

I’ve never liked eggs.  I remember my mom trying to get me to eat them as a child.  She would douse them in ketchup and even that wasn’t enough for me to eat them.  A few years ago, I was going through a series of infusions and the recommendation was to have a high protein breakfast before the infusions, so I had to start eating eggs.  I figured out a way to prepare them so that I could tolerate them; scrambled hard with lots of cheese.  The eggs I was served yesterday were barely scrambled and there was no cheese.  I’m not even sure they were real eggs.  The smell was horrible and the texture was unlike anything my tongue has ever experienced.  I gagged with every other bite, but I ate it all and was able to keep it down, mainly because I didn’t want to have to go through that experience ever again.

After spending the entire morning in the hospital, I went straight home and went to bed.  My stomach gurgled all day long, but I’m thankful for the radioactive eggs because hopefully, they will lead to an answer about what ails me.

3 thoughts on “Radioactive Eggs

  1. I’ve been having trouble with my stomach for the last couple months, too. 11 days ago I went off caffeine, dairy and gluten. It’s gotten a little better. I’m going to stay off those things for 6 weeks and then add them back one at a time to try and figure out the culprit. Please continue to post about this because I’m very interested in what the tests you’ve done turn up.


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