“Changing Your Focus” Day Seven – Help Someone

tydbanner W Clement Stone

When you are truly thankful, it can be an overwhelming feeling and sometimes the only thing you can do is to share with someone else; share what you know, share how you feel, share what you have.

Every day over on the Facebook page, I give folks the opportunity to publicly share what they are thankful for, but if that doesn’t satisfy your urge to share there are plenty of ways to share your gratitude.

Here’s a great way to start.  Tuesday, December 2, 2014 is “Giving Tuesday”, a day dedicated to giving back.  Pick a charity that aligns with what is important to you and send them a donation, no matter how small.  Find a non-profit that could use some help and sign up to volunteer. Check out #GivingTuesday for more information.

My list of things I’m thankful for seems to have a large number of food items on it, so this year, I will be sending a donation to the Maryland Food Bank.  I can’t wait to hear about how you choose to share on #GivingTuesday.


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