“Changing Your Focus” Day Six – It’s the Little Things

tydbannerDay SixDietrich Bonhoeffer

I have always been detail oriented. Whenever I work on a project or event, I take pride in the attention I give to the minor details because I believe that those are the things that separate a good project or event from a great one.

I find joy in the little things. The perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio in a Reese’s Cup, the beautiful colors created by the sunset, the ability to move and feel and think and sleep without difficulty; there are so many small things in life that, if you take the time to reflect and be thankful about them, will bring you great joy.

Today’s exercise is to pay attention to the little things in your life that you should be thankful for. Spend five minutes reflecting on those things and add them to the list you started on Day One.

4 thoughts on ““Changing Your Focus” Day Six – It’s the Little Things

  1. It is definitely the little things in life, and trying to see the beauty and just being grateful for the small things is so helpful to me. I love your blog, and I nominated you for a Liebster award! Congrats! Check it out on my blog!


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