“Changing Your Focus” Day Four – Tell Someone

tydbannerDay Four Tell Someone


silent gratitude

I believe that one of the reasons that each one of us was put here on earth is to help each other along the way. When someone does something for you, however big or small, it is important to say thank you, for you are not just thanking the person, but you are also thanking the universe for sending the person into your life.

Today’s exercise is quite simple.  Look back at the list of people that you are thankful for on Day Two.  Pick two people from your list and write them a thank you note.  You can send it via email or the old fashioned way.  There is something quite personal about a hand-written card that I think most people really appreciate.  If you picked a person that you don’t really know, right them a quick note and give it to them the next time you see them.

Keep adding to your daily list that you started on Day One and check back on Friday for Day Five!

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