“Changing Your Focus” Day Three – Turn Your Negative Into a Positive


Day Three

Good in the bad

There are many different ways to look at any one thing.  How you choose to look at the world will determine who you are, how happy you will be, and what you will eventually accomplish in your life.  If you’re able to see the good in your bad, the happy in your sad, and the gain in your pain, and be thankful for it all, life becomes much easier and quite enjoyable.

Today’s exercise is designed to help you shift your perspective.  List five things about your life that you don’t like.  Go ahead….I’ll wait.  This shouldn’t take long.  It’s usually very easy for folks to come up with things they don’t like about their lives.  For some reason, it seems easier to focus on the negative in life.

Now, take your negative and find the positive in it.  “What?!”, you ask.  “I wouldn’t have listed it as a negative if it were a positive.”  Yeah, I get that, but there is a positive in anything if you are looking through the right lens.  Let’s try this together.

Here are five things I don’t like about my life.

  1. I don’t like getting up in the morning.  My body usually hurts and getting started is pretty difficult for me.
  2. I don’t like that I feel like I’m the only person I know who is not or has never been married.
  3. I don’t like my lupus.
  4. I don’t like that I live so far away from all of my family and most of my friends.
  5.  I wish I made more money.

Here are the positives in those negatives.

  1. Not everyone gets to wake up in the morning.  Every morning I wake up is a blessing.  While I have aches and pains that are sometimes severe, I am almost always able to get up walk without help.
  2. There are so many positives associated with being single.  First of all, I’ve never had to go through a divorce.  I am only responsible for myself.  I know that if I put something in the fridge, it will be there when I go back for it.  If I leave a mess, I don’t feel guilty about it because I’m the only person that has to deal with it.  This list could go on and on.
  3. It’s hard to find a positive in having a disease, but for me, I’m thankful that it’s not as bad as it could be.  All of my organs are healthy and I’m thankful for that too.  Lupus is very slowly affecting my joints, and while it is trying, it’s certainly not difficult on most days.  I’m also thankful that I haven’t had a flare in a long time.
  4. This one is a hard one too.  I guess the positive is that I enjoy my solitude.  I also appreciate family much more when I get to see them because I don’t get to see them very often.
  5. While the ends don’t always meet when I need them to, they always meet.  The lights are on and the heat works, the water is still running, my phone works, and I have something to watch on television.  I can get back and forth to work without difficulty.  I don’t have as much as I’d want, but I have enough.

Now it’s your turn.  What is the good in your bad?

Oh!  Don’t forget to keep adding to the list we started on Day One!

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