“Changing Your Focus” Day Two – Who Is It?


day 2

say thank you

Welcome to Day Two of “Changing Your Focus: Learning to Look at the World Through a Lens of Thankfulness”.  If you’re just joining us, be sure to check out Day One and start your list.

If you’ve been following the Facebook page, you know that we have a thing called Who Is It Wednesdays.  It’s a day that we focus on the people in our lives for which we are thankful.  In today’s exercise, spend a few minutes adding people to the list you started yesterday.  I’m sure most of you will start with family and friends, then maybe get to your second circle of people that you encounter on a daily basis, and after that you might find yourself going, “Hmmm…who else can I add to this list?”.  There are plenty of people, many of whom may be nameless to you, that you should be thankful for.  How about the barista that always hands you your coffee with a smile?  What about the guy that held the elevator door instead of pushing the “close door” button?  Don’t forget the cashier at the grocery store that swiped her loyalty card for you so that you could save 75 cents on that box of cereal because you forgot your card.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Day Three!

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