For many people, waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning is the best way to wake up.  Folger’s even created a whole ad campaign to illustrate the notion.  Remember the one they show around the holidays where the son/brother comes home from Africa for the holidays and he brews a pot of coffee to wake everyone up?  And when the parents come down the steps, that jingle hits you, “The best part of waking up is…” Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I don’t think so, Folger’s.  If my son were coming home from a long trip to Africa, the best part of waking up that morning (after actually waking up) would be seeing my son that I loved so much.

But I digress.

For me, one of the best things about my weekend mornings is the smell of bacon wafting through the house.  Man, do I love bacon. Hickory smoked bacon from the local Amish market is my absolute favorite.  Of all the bacon I’ve eaten, it’s just the best.  Cracker Barrel has good bacon too, but nothing compares to the bacon I get at the Amish market.  Bacon is a weekend treat for me because, well, who has the time to cook bacon for breakfast during the week?

This morning, I really wanted some bacon.  I mean, I wanted it so bad that I could’ve sworn I smelled in cooking.  During that moment, I regretted not having bacon during the weekend.  It also made me quite thankful for the best part of the pig.  I think I’ll take some out of the freezer and have breakfast for dinner tonight.

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