The Wisdom to Remove Limits

It’s so funny how we place limits on ourselves without even realizing it.

On Friday of last week, I was searching for a quote to share that had to do with being thankful for the weekend. I didn’t really find what I was looking for, but really wanted to share something about being thankful for the weekend. I decided to post “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday make me truly thankful for Saturday and Sunday.” It was what I was thinking and feeling at the time and it was the simplest way I could think to say it. I was somewhat disappointed that I couldn’t find a quote to put in one of my colored boxes because those boxes get viewed and shared a lot and I love the idea that people are paying attention to the idea of being thankful. That’s when I realized that somewhere in me, I had decided that only quotes by famous people deserved to be in those colored boxes. The extension of that thought is, what I have to say isn’t as important as what famous people have to say.


Why did I do that to myself and how did I allow my thinking to devolve into such a self-
deprecating mess? I guess the why and how isn’t as important as the fact that I realized the error of my thought and put my quote in a colored box. (I didn’t put quotation marks around it, or put my name at the bottom of it though. I guess that’s a battle for another day.)

Now that I’ve realized this fallacy, I’ll be more mindful and will steer my thoughts in a more self-assured and positive direction. I think age brings wisdom and I am thankful for it.


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