New Font

If you frequent my Facebook page, you may have noticed that I’ve started using a new font in all of my quotation blocks.  I’m pretty excited about it because finding a distinctive font has been on my to-do list for a couple of months and I finally was able to make it happen.

When I decided I wanted a font, I had no idea how to go about finding someone to create it for me.  I tried, but most of the bids wanted more than I was willing to pay and there was something about the responses I got that made me uneasy.  I listened to my gut, and steered away from elance, but I may go back to it for a different type of project in the future.

I let a few weeks go by after the elance experience, and was still at a loss.  A friend told me about Creative Market, so I checked them out.  I fell in love with a few fonts there, but the artist would not do any custom work. Then one day, I had a little epiphany; “Try Etsy”.  I had already had awesome luck with Sarah and her artwork on Etsy, so I felt confident about my chances.  The second shop I checked out was On The Spot Studio, owned by Tiffany W..  I loved her work so I sent her an email asking if she would create a custom font for me.  She responded right away and her price was very reasonable.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted the font to look like, so I was only able to give a vague description of what I wanted.  She created the font in less than a week and kept me posted on her progress the whole time.  Once I received the font, I had two small issues that she fixed right away.  Tiffany was a joy to work with and she totally nailed it for me.  She gave me exactly what I didn’t know that I wanted.


Thank you so much, Tiffany and On the Spot Studio!

Click here to check out Tiffany’s Facebook page.  Click here to go to her website.

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