Who Is It Wednesday – Mrs. Royer

I started Who Is It Wednesday a few weeks ago on the Facebook page.  It’s been a slow start, but there have been some incredibly loving posts about the people folks are thankful for.

Today, I am thankful for Mrs. Royer, my second grade teacher.  I think of Mrs. Royer at least once a year.  She was the person that got me to say “ask” instead of “axe”.

My most memorable conversation with her was when she made me stay in from recess to explain that I couldn’t always be the captain of the fort and it was rude to tell the other kids to shut-up.  She said it wasn’t nice to boss the other kids around.  I clearly remember looking straight at her and saying, “But they don’t know what they’re doing and they won’t listen”.  She looked back at me, and I sensed her disappointment before she said a word.

“But it’s not nice.”

Through my tears, I heard her explain that I should let others have a turn at being captain of the fort and that “shut-up” is not a nice word.  I’ll never forget that sick feeling I got when I realized that I had disappointed her.  While I didn’t understand why I couldn’t always be in charge, I was embarrassed that I had said words that were not nice.

I’m not sure I can clearly articulate all that I gained from Mrs. Royer, but she made an incredible impact on me and I couldn’t have axed asked for a better second grade teacher.

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