My Couch

Today on the Facebook page, I asked folks to chime in with a small thing in life that they are thankful for; something that seems unimportant until we are without it.  I posted that I am thankful for my couch.


I love my couch.  It is so comfortable and after a long day at work, it is my absolute favorite place to be.  It lets me sink in just enough to relax, but not so much that I can comfortably fall asleep.  It’s the perfect place to veg out to old reruns on tv while trying to come up with words worthy of publication.

I also love my couch because it is the home of my favorite quilt.  My best friend made it for me.  She picked colors that make me happy and they coincidentally coordinate quite well with the couch.

I’ve had this couch for quite a few years now.  It’s moved with me a couple of times and is once of the constants in my adult life.  I’m thankful to have it, for without it, my life would not be as comfortable as it is.

2 thoughts on “My Couch

  1. I’m thankful for…my dogs! It’s hard to be down when two large dogs are squeaking and twirling with delight that I’m finally–FINALLY–home.

    Or maybe they’re just really happy to be let out to go to the bathroom.

    Either way, love them to death.


    • I love my dog too! Sometimes I don’t think she loves me back. Sometimes she acts like I’m just there to cater to her. And then she’ll do something sweet like give me a hug and then it’s all better. 😦


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