Today was the long awaited lunch with my local girlfriends.  We call our little lunches “Plan B” lunches because the purpose of our first lunch together was to figure out what were our next moves in life – our “Plan Bs”.  Since one of the ladies took a job out of town, it has been much harder for us to have lunch together, so today’s lunch was a special occasion.

It was so nice to catch up with what’s been going on in their lives.  The three of them are married and two of them have children, so there is always a funny story to share.  Today’s lunch was full of family drama, parenting successes, and job craziness.

Those lunches always remind me of just how isolated my life is these days.  I’ve got to get more connected.

I’m thankful for my time with the girls today.  I hope we’ll get to do it again soon.

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