Will Power

This year I experienced an unexplained significant weight loss.  After months of looking like I was swimming in my clothes, I started baking and eating chocolate cake.  Somewhere along the way, I increased the amount and frequency of my treats.  Almost every day for the past two months, I ate this for dessert, although the portions were usually much bigger than this.

This morning, I went to the doctor and found that I’ve gained about 12 pounds, which is five more than I need to be carrying.  Thankfully, I ate the last chunk of cake that was in the fridge last night.  There is still a third of a cake left in the freezer.

I think I’ve developed a bit of a sugar addiction because I am craving something sweet right now.  I’m having an internal struggle about whether or not I should have the cake.  It’s horrible.

One more piece wouldn’t hurt me, right?  Yes, it would.  Don’t you remember how tight your pants felt after lunch today?  Chocolate would be sooooo good right about now.  I can stop eating sweets tomorrow.  Yes, it would be good, but how good would it be to have to buy all new pants?  You know you can’t afford that.  Eat a piece of fruit and carry your butt to bed.

Tonight, I’m thankful for the will power that allowed me to leave the cake in the freezer.  (It didn’t help me much with the bag of chips I’m munching on though.)


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