My Sister

Today is my sister’s birthday.  She’s the only sister I have and that makes her special.

I didn’t always feel that way.  I remember on more than one occasion my mother giving us the “When I’m gone away from here, all you’ll have left is each other so you need to act like sisters and love each other” speech.  That wasn’t always easy.  My sister is almost eight years younger than me which made spending quality time with her very difficult for me.  Not only were we in different stages of maturity, but we had distinctly different personalities.  She was hair and make-up.  I was track and field.  I remember being utterly shocked when mom told me that my sister had joined the high school tennis team.  That’s not who I knew her to be AT ALL.

It has only been since she’s reached adulthood that I’ve felt we’ve truly gotten along.  Now that she’s married and a mommy, I feel like the younger sister more often than not because I have never been married or a mommy and those things feel very grown-up to me.

My sister is a wonderful, crazy, smart, beautiful, sassy, and hilariously funny person, without whom I would feel like I was floating through space alone.  I am thankful that my parents decided to have her and I’m even more thankful for the friendship that we’ve created.

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