My iPod

I love music.  If you want to give me a message and have me remember it forever, set it to music and make sure it has catchy tune or a funky beat.  “Schoolhouse Rock” was made for kids just like me.  Had it not been for those little tunes, I probably wouldn’t be able to recite the preamble of the Constitution or tell you what year women earned the right to vote.

Music is intoxicating to me.  There is nothing else in the world that I’ve ever experienced (or wish to experience) that makes me believe that I could sing with Prince or dance with Janet.  If you ever pull up next to me at a stop light, you’ll see what I mean.

For more than a year, I have been without a laptop which meant that I couldn’t listen to any of my cds because I don’t have a cd player in the house.  It also meant that I couldn’t update my iPod.  It also meant that I really couldn’t buy any new music because I wouldn’t be able to listen to it.  Well, this weekend changed all that.  I now have a working laptop and I have bee jammin’ ever since.  I’ve listen to music that I’ve owned for a long time, but had never played.

I am still amazed at the technology involved in the iPod.  It is an awesome thing to be able to have all of the music that you own in one place.  Maybe in the next couple of years, I’ll decide to upgrade to one that has Bluetooth, but for now, I am very happy with the one I have.  It’s not even half full yet.

Today, music got me through the day.  I am thankful for a working laptop, my iPod, and the music.

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