Work Neighbors

I was sitting in my office, closing out some files and listening to the rain beat loudly against my window when our office administrator yelled my name as if her hair was on fire.  I ran to the front office thinking that she was in dire need of help.  It turned out that one of the guys who works next door came over to tell me that I had a screw in my left rear tire and he could hear the air sputtering out of it.

I’m so thankful that he took the time to tell me about it.  Had he not, I might have been stuck in the pouring rain, on the side of the road, with a flat tire, and no idea how to change it.  (Note to self: Learn how to change a tire!)  Because he took the time to tell me, I am now sitting at the tire shop, watching television while waiting to see if they can patch the tire or if I’ll have to buy a new one.  Y’all know what I’m hoping for, right?

Post Script: They were able to patch the tire and send me on my way.  Whew!



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