Running Water and the Fix-it Friend

Last night, I turned on the shower and just as the water started feeling good, the water stopped flowing.  The water would come out of the faucet, but not through the showerhead.  Instead of getting upset and stressed out the way I normally would have, I said a quick thank you for running hot water and I filled the tub and took a bath instead of a shower.

A little later, I texted a friend and asked him to come over with a wrench.  He showed up, but without a wrench.  He was already out and about when I texted him and didn’t go home before he stopped by.  I explained to him what the problem was and what I knew the solution to be.

He said, “You don’t have any kind of tools for this?”.

“Yeah, I’ve got tools, but I don’t think I have what I need for this job.”

I retrieved the set of pliers I had, gave them to him, and watched him as he did exactly what I knew needed to be done.  He fixed my shower for me but what I learned in the process was that I had everything I needed to do the job myself.

I’m thankful that my friend came to my aid, but I’m even more thankful that I was reminded that I already have the tools I need to take care of myself.


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