The Godfather of Soul

When I woke up this morning, I was hurting all over.  Even the bottom of my feet felt bruised.  I spent a little longer in bed than normal and then pushed myself to get moving.  While I was in the shower, this song came to me.


James really had something here.  I wasn’t feeling like dancing, but the song made me bop a little bit and by the time I got into my car, my mind was in a much better place than my body.

Everybody has a different philosophy on how to get through this life.  Some pray.  Some meditate.  Some choose to numb themselves for the duration of the journey by overeating, doing drugs, or drinking.  But some, like The Godfather of Soul, make music and tell us to dance.

Today, I am thankful to James and his directive to “Get up offa that thing and dance til you feel better”.

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