I’m Trying

I’ve been living in the same house for seven years.  I love this house.  The living room has these great columns that made me fall in love with the house.  The kitchen is a great size and has soft close drawers.  My bedroom is big and I have a guest room that I use as a sewing room. While the house has a few structural and design flaws (it had termites and the bathroom is terribly small), I really love this house.  It’s comfy, cozy, and for the most part, fits me to a “T”.

There’s just one problem.  It isn’t mine.

I rent this house and every couple of years, I get very frustrated with that fact.  I constantly dream of owning a home; a cute little house with a small yard.  A house that I can individualize with a bright yellow front door and fill with all of my favorite things.

I need to stop doing that to myself.

I need to change my mindset.

Just because I don’t own this house doesn’t mean that I can’t make it my own.  I can’t put a yellow door on it, but I can certainly paint a wall or two and unpack that last box that holds a few of my sentimental belongings.  I definitely can unclutter a few areas so that I don’t feel stressed in my house.

I am working on shaking the notion that the current status quo isn’t good enough and being more thankful for the space that I inhabit.


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