That Time Dad Met James Brown

In 2001, I gave my Dad tickets to a James Brown concert for Fathers’ Day.  Our seats were just a couple of rows from the stage and we were right in the center.  I had such a good time watching Dad get down with JB and the boys.  I had never seen him so excited.  There was a point during the concert that both my stepmom and I thought that he might have a heart attack because he was so hype.

After the show we went back to our hotel and hung out in the lobby, and who walks in but The Godfather himself.  I had nothing to lose, so I walked up to him, told him how much we enjoyed the show and asked him if he would come over to meet my Dad since this was his Fathers’ Day gift.  He happily obliged.  He even let us snap a picture.

Dad sent me a copy of the picture for my birthday the next year.  It took another few years before I noticed his message to me on the back.

Nothing I can ever do for him will top that.  He still talks about it a couple times a year.

I’m so thankful I was able to give him that experience.

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