Ever since I first saw Olivia Newton-John in “Grease”, I have wanted a ponytail that I could wear high on my head and have it hang low.

As with a lot of women, I have gone through my fair share of hair style changes. Once, I even shaved it all off and wore it short like a man. That lasted for a few years. I got bored with the look and began letting my hair grow while I was in law school. Growing out your hair is never a fun experience. Those in between stages are horrible. There were many a time that I wanted to give up and shave it all over again, but I had this reoccurring vision of me in a black Armani suit with a white button-down shirt, black heels, and fabulous diamond stud earrings, strutting up to the counsel table and proclaiming, “My client pleads not guilty”. In that vision, I had the Olivia Newton-John ponytail. I decided that growing my hair out was going to be a test of patience and faith.

Seven years later, while I don’t have the Armani suit yet, I am sporting the high ponytail that occasionally startles me as it tickles the base of my neck.

I am thankful for my ponytail and the patience and faith that it took for me to acquire it.

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